• Alfa Romeo / MiTo / TCT Sport 3-dr hatch and Why It Could Be The Best Car For You


    THE appeal in the baby Alfa Romeo MiTo has just been widened with the addition of a brand new dual-clutch six-speed automatic transmission, similar to Volkswagen Group’s DSG cog-swappers that could be left to use by themselves or controlled through the gear selector or steering wheel mounted paddles. The transmission is available just with the new mid-range 99kW 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine that uses the newest Fiat MultiAir technology which replaces an inlet camshaft with hydraulically actuated solenoids. The engine has more proceed through more of the rev burns and range cleaner which drives along the fuel consumption to a very impressive 5.5 litres per 100km. That is all of this means.

    If you still prefer a manual you can order the entry level 114kW 1.4 turbo or the range-topping 125kW QV.

  • When technology works for you

    We live in a vastly exciting time of human history, and any of us with any degree of observation skills knows it. It’s one of those things that’s hard to put a finger on, but to me, it’s similar to those moments when, on a clear day, there’s something in the air that tells you that a strong wind or a storm is coming. Part of it is that we’re always reading about new, cutting edge technologies that are out there or that are coming. Spy robots the size of insects exist in the world right now! There’s a computer in China that can make over thirty five trillion decisions per second. When we think about the exciting, state of the art technology that’s out there, it’s so easy to get swept away in the science fiction of it all. My imagination runs wild with science fiction ideas every day when I read the technology headlines, but there is such inspired, mind blowing technology out there today that we all use. It’s the stuff that works for you, for all of us.


    There’s no better place in the world to see technology working for you than in your car and today, Nissan is literally and figuratively paving the way. Nissan’s passion for safety and engineering has never faltered, and that’s exactly why I think they are the quintessential, forward looking car company today. With stunning features that monitor your surroundings, that change the pressure in your tires based on the road conditions and integral hands free technologies, Nissan truly has you and your loved ones in mind. Not only that, but there is a hyper sexy, tremendously practical Nissan out there for all of us. From the electric Leaf, to the rugged Pathfinder, your dream car lies in the Nissan armada.


    For my money, the Leaf is the car of the future and among the most important cars of today. With environmental concerns growing exponentially, it is the responsibility of everyone, not just the governments and corporations to undertake an attitude of lessening carbon emissions, and the Leaf offers you that option in a beautiful car. If you’re in the market for a new car, you’d be doing yourself a profound disservice to not test drive one of these technologically advanced and very affordable cars. Take one out on the road just once, and I have no doubt that you’ll agree. Go on line to either Cerritos Nissan or http://www.downtownnissan.com and schedule your test drive as soon as possible. You’ll be glad you did. I promise.

    Because this car is entirely electric, you’ll save money on gas every week. You won’t have to buy any. In fact, I have a friend who has a lot of solar panels on his house and he uses the leftover energy stored from that to fuel his car. It’s truly inspirational to me.


  • Chrysler Goes Showcasing Employees’ Artwork


    Chrysler is holding an event to indicate its creative side, and we’re not talking about an automobile show here. We’re talking about the company showing the art work of the employees within a private art exhibition. This is actually the Chrysler 2013-2104 Artists at the office Exhibition. This art show features 92 works by 50 of its employees. These employees receive salaries from Chrysler and are also labor union members. It is thus considered by Chrysler to be co-sponsored both by the company and the union, and the company says that the event is the only juried art show of the kind.

    The works shown in the exhibition were selected from a lot more than 600 submissions. These were distilled down to existing 92 by 4 professional Detroit-based artists. These same individuals awarded “Best of Show” prizes to 3 of the artist-employees. The Artist-jurors also awarded honorable mentions to 11 other employees.

    Who were the lucky “best in show” winners? First prize went to Joseph Aiuto for a sculptural piece entitled “Childhood Anxiety.” The piece has two large, gear like wheels installed on an axis of some type, with traditional house radiator sides, and many other interesting mechanical pieces and bits. According to Aiuto, a few of these are salvaged John Deere parts among others came from a kids’ erector set. The task plays with themes of childhood constructive and creative urges which could also breed either anxiety or excitement, possibly depending on how one responds to them.

    In second place was a painting by Shannon Jones entitled “Convergence.” This shows a welder at work. He wears amask and gloves, and welding coat. The worker is anonymous looking yet surreally clothed and illumined. Clearly the literal action of the painting is a metaphor for convergence, connection, and make contact with in a more general sense.

    A composite photograph by Shan Haq took third place. The photograph places the viewer behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler, looking throughout the windshield with a Chrysler employee charity event. The point is simple and direct – Chrysler employees are not just drones. They are socially conscious, politically engaged, intelligent, and keen about a variety world issues.

    Here is the ninth occurrence of this exhibition. The first Artists at Work show took place in 1999. Since that time, more than 1,100 functions by 536 employees have been featured. The show is unfortunately not available to the public, but many of the works are viewable online. Chrysler is to be commended for this innovative and encouraging salute on the deeper dimensionalities of its employees.

  • Get Ready For Fiat’s New SUV Range


    Fiat have really milked the 500 brand. Motorists have the option of a regular Fiat 500, the 500 GQ, the 500C, the 500L, the 500L TREKKING, as well as the 500L MPW.

    Is there room for another 500?

    Fiat thinks so, and they’re all set to release their latest addition to the range.

    The new car is called the Fiat 500X. This car will complete the 500 line-up and be the final addition to the range, according to Fiat.

    The 500X is a crossover that’s bigger than the 500L. It will probably be produced alongside its sister car, the Jeep B-SUV, with a wheelbase of 4200mm and the same platform as being the Punto. It will be aimed at families who require more cabin and boot space, and will be created to complement existing 500 range, which means alloy wheels as standard, and several standard equipment.

    The final design of the 500X is not known yet. There are numerous sketches which show just what the car could look like, though.

    Engine wise, the 500X will probably be available with the 1.6-litre MultiJet diesel engine and the 1.4-litre four-cylinder TwinAir petrol. It will likely be available in FWD and 4WD, the previous of which is predicted to dominate sales due to the lower price tag and better fuel efficiency. The 4WD system will be taken directly from the Panda 4×4, and whilst this has not been confirmed, the automobile is likely to come as standard with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

    Inside, the inside will be a revised version of your 500L. This car is bigger than its sibling, and so it won’t share many of the same parts, in addition to the air vents and some driver controls.

    Not the crossover market, even though bristol Street Motors believe that the 500X is a fantastic idea “The 500 plays to a lot of markets. The 500 is funky enough and drives sufficiently to be a crossover, so it will be interesting to discover how the 500X performs out on the road versus the competition.”

    The Fiat brand came on leaps and bounds within the last ten years. Modern Fiat have excellent reliability ratings, and a Bristol Street Motors MOT Gloucester (click this link) passes most modern Fiat under four years old first-time.

    The Fiat 500X will apparently be manufactured in Italy, and will be the 1st car being produced by Fiat’s €1bn Mirafiori plant expansion. The Jeep B-SUV is predicted to be built-in Poland for European markets, and the Jeep will be bought from China and America, too. There will probably also more than likely be a trail version in the Jeep to appeal to individuals who like their cars to be extra rugged. Also, a TREKKING version of your 500X could be released per year or so right after the initial cars release.

    Full availability, specifications and pricing will be announced closer to the 500X release. The car remains to be under development, however a young 2015 release is likely. As for the Jeep, mid-2015 is on the cards.

  • Clever yet Crazy Car Tips and Tricks

    You know how the best ideas are often the simplest? Well, take a look at some of these outrageously simple yet insanely crazy car tips to help keep your car spic, span and in great condition.

    Seriously, you’re going to wonder why you never thought of some of these ideas yourself, and if you did think of them then well done you.

    • Frozen car locks can be thawed and opened using nothing more adventurous or scientific than hand sanitizer – I know, crazy isn’t it?

    • Shoe organizers can be used for more than just shoes – hang them over the back of the drivers or front passenger seat and use them to store all of the important bits and pieces you need to keep handy. It sure beats searching around on the floor for a pack of tissues, gum or your favorite CD. You can even get really carried away and use them in the trunk for the ultimate organized mobile space.


    • Portable swivel trays are an ingenious and affordable invention which can fulfill all of your mobile dining requirements – not while you’re driving of course because that would be dangerous, but your passengers and drive can enjoy a munch at the drive-thro without spilling stuff all over the seats.

    • Is your garage parking space a bit of a tight squeeze? Want to know how to tell if you’ve reached the back wall to enable the garage door to close without bashing the bumper into the wall –again! It’s easy – dangle a tennis ball on a piece of string to help you judge when you’ve reached the optimum position in the garage.


    • Are your car doors in danger of getting dinked every time you (or the kids) get out of the car in the garage? Another ingenious solution following . . . . take a pool noodle, chop it in half lengthwise and run it down the car wall in the optimum position for your car door opening. You’ll know when your car is in position by the tennis ball.

    • Can you never remember which side of the car your gas tank is located? Why isn’t there a clue inside the car so that you don’t have to keep getting out and searching for it? There is – there’ll probably be a little arrow by the side of the gas gauge pointing you in the right direction (oh, that’s what it’s for) or simply the positioning of the gas gauge itself. If it’s to the right of the dial then the gas tank is on the right, and if it’s on the left . . . . It’s not rocket science is it?

    • Utilize the suns power to defrost the windshield. During the winter months try to remember to park your car facing towards the east for best results . . . that’s of course if you don’t have the luxury of a garage in which to park your car.

    • Scuffs on the paintwork can generally be cleaned away using a simple household ingredient – toothpaste. It’s not just great for dental stains, it works on car bodywork too.


    • Need to separate your youngsters in the back seat? How about using a shower caddy with a few neat things to keep them quiet on the journey – it will separate them and they can have half each to keep their books / toys / tissues / munchies.

    Pop down to Ford Riverside and check out the great motors – then remember these fantastic tips to keep those cars looking as clean, tidy and dent free as they are today. Here’s the website for you – http://fairviewford.com.

  • The Beauty That Comes With The Bugatti 12.4 Atlantique Grand Sport Concept


    When it comes down to cars, there are individuals who know everything, and there are people who love everything, and then there are folks who suffer from both tendencies wound up inside of them. I myself, am no expert on all things cars, but I can Google the crap away from anything I wish to know about. And that leads us to why we have been here today. It just so happens that we found a pic on this car on Instagram yesterday, and I was immediately shocked to see that this had a Bugatti logo about the grille. I took it upon myself to find some info on this amazing looking car, so as that we could share my findings in a way that wasn’t boring, short lived, or mundane. Let’s begin.

    7141_sm2 The vehicle throughout the day is the Bugatti 12.4 Atlantique Grand Sport Concept. The name alone occupies two thirds of your sentence itself. This is a car that I’ve never seen, nor heard anything about, and I like to try my best to remain in the learn about new cars, and concept vehicles. It would appear that a man named Alan Guerzoni had a burning desire to make, or I would say, produce a car that might be more than worthy of the Bugatti name, and legacy. This man put forth his dreams ofpower and passion, and history, and combined these with his extensive knowledge of 3D imagery, melded them together to form the Atlantique Grand Sport. Now, first thing’s first, we need to know about the power plant that’s moving this curvy masterpiece from point A, to point B.

    Under the hood of the illustrious Bugatti 12.4 Atlantique Grand Sport, is a twin turbocharged, all Aluminum, V12 engine that puts out a modest 650 Hp, but that’s not all. Alan figured out that more power can be made without making this car weigh the same as a Veyron, so there seemed to be an electric motor placed to the belly in the beast, and that’s been said to experience a 200 Hp output on it’s own. So, it’s safe to say that this car has any where from 800 – 900 Hp, give or take 50Hp. This model, as fresh, and new as it appears, is merely an open air version of your model Alan Guerzoni created last year. If there will be more of these models in the future, but in any event you slice it, these are dangerously gorgeous., no one really knows who owns the original, or

  • Mini-E Owners Contented With Electric Cars, Studies Show


    DAVIS, Calif., — The University of the, California and Davis BMW Group today released the largest publicly available study of electric-car users – including over 120 families who drove the fully electric MINI E automobile more than 1 million miles in California, New York and New Jersey from June 2009 to June 2010. According to UC Davis researchers, the report shows that the participants found the cars to be fun yet practical, easy to drive and recharge, and many said they would buy an electric car in the next 5yrs.

    As battery electric vehicles (BEVs) enter the commercial marketplace for the first time, the results of this year-long study by the UC Davis Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center provide valuable understanding of new techniques that consumers value BEVs. The UC Davis study is an element of a whole set of studies being conducted by the BMW Group on electric vehicles, which includes research in China, Germany and also the U.K.

    Through online and telephone surveys of the participating households, and diaries and also in-person interviews using a subset of more than 40 households, the UC Davis MINI E research team examined user behavior, infrastructureuse and costs, environmental benefits, along with other aspects of electric driving.

    One of the key findings of the study are the following:

    • 100% of respondents said BEVs are fun to drive and practical for daily use

    • Respondents said the cars met 90% of their daily driving needs

    • 71% of respondents drove less than 40 miles/day; 95% drove less than 80 miles/day

    • 99% of respondents said home charging was easy to use

    • 71% of respondents said they are now more likely to purchase a BEV than they were this past year while only 9% said they can be less likely.

    • 88% of respondents said they are interested in getting a BEV or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in the next five-years

    • At the end of the lease period, MINI E drivers overwhelmingly believed that the electricity for charging their BEV should are derived from renewable resources such as solar, wind and hydropower, and were strongly opposed to using coal to generate electricity with regard to their vehicles.

    Compelling combination of neat and fun

    UC Davis Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center director Tom Turrentine said the study highlights three new and potentially significant techniques that drivers value BEVs. First, the MINI E meets drivers’ desire for a vehicle that may be both eco-friendly and fun to drive. Drivers loved the vehicle’s quick acceleration and quiet operation.

    What we heard time and time again again within our interviews is how fun it was to drive. Turrentine said, that’s to some extent because it’s a MINI and in part because of the feel of electric drive.

    Second, drivers find value in employing electricity as being a fuel and also in mastering their individual energy use through efficient driving behaviors. The mix of limited onboard energy and extreme efficiency make BEVs the premier appliance for people to enjoy energy use, says Turrentine. Additionally, the drivers learned to appreciate the car’s powerful regenerative braking function, which returns energy for the battery and allowed these to drive utilizing a single pedal for acceleration and braking.

    Third, drivers like to develop their clean driving territory. Drivers start talking about the MINI E as a special way to explore their region. They like to share where they can go in their MINI E, Turrentine says, even though they needless to say can go anywhere in their gas car.

    Range anxiety not much of a big issue for experienced MINI E drivers

    While range is often held up as a limitation of BEVs, the MINI E’s range of around 100 miles was acceptable to most drivers most of the time. We found that households adapted their driving round the capabilities of the vehicle and even explored methods to maximize the use of the MINI E, said Turrentine.

    Researchers could actually determine that strategic placement of charging stations could allow drivers to reach most of their desired destinations employing a BEV that includes a range of 90 to 100 miles, by studying the MINI E drivers’ usage patterns and want for range. Most charging occurred at home, at night, and 99% of respondents said home charging was user friendly.

    BMW Group prepares 2nd phase of the EV strategy with BMW ActiveE

    The MINI E studies are incredibly valuable for us as they show that electric cars are already today offering an appealing mobility solution to a broader spectrum of clients. While decreasing the tail pipe emissions to zero, the MINI E provides the fun that users expect when driving our products. The results of the UC Davis study have a direct impact on the growth of all BMW Group electric vehicles ahead, says Ulrich Kranz, head of project i, BMW Group. BMW Group is now developing the next generation of full electric cars, together with the BMW ActiveE test fleet coming into the market in 2011 along with the series production BMW i3 following in 2013.

    The all-electric BMW ActiveE will be available in select US markets beginning in late 2011, for a two-year lease at $499/month, with a $2,250 advance payment. Details is available at www.BMWUSA.com/ActiveE. Join the growing conversation about the future of mobility at www.BMWActivatetheFuture.com.

  • Guide to Living in Los Angeles

    The first thing you need to know before you move to or visit Los Angeles is that it’s like nowhere else on earth. Los Angeles is nothing like New York, it ain’t no London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney or Berlin so forget all assumptions about visiting or living in a major metropolis – Los Angeles has re-written the book.
    The car is king – that doesn’t mean that LA doesn’t have a fabulous public transport network. You can hop on a bus, get on your bike, hail a cab or take the train but Los Angeles was built for the car – LA is big with wide highways just perfect for driving. If you’re looking for a Nissan dealer Los Angelescan help you with some truly fabulous motors. Check out http://metronissanredlands.com and see for yourself. One of the benefits of driving around LA is that you don’t get tempted to call in for coffee as you walk past endless coffee shops on your way to and from work, you won’t get dragged into the shopping mall and tempted to spend any of your hard earned cash. On the down side people in Los Angeles get up to all sorts of things in their cars which they really should not do – brushing their teeth, putting on make-up or even reading the newspaper on the way to work. They spend so much time in their cars it’s a sort of extension of their home or purse.


    All you need is a full fridge and tank of gas – this is an extension of the first point about the car. If your house is well stocked with groceries and your car is full of gas then what more do you need? You drive past coffee shops, newsstands and stores which mean that the money in your pocket can stay there longer. Some people actually prefer the spontaneity of a walking city but others prefer to have a little extra cash in their pocket.


    There are some terrific flea markets – and they have them every week. Unfortunately this may mean that the cash you’ve saved by not calling in at the coffee shop every morning may be frittered on knick knacks and hidden treasure but there are some truly terrific bargains to be had and it’s great fun.


    The farmers markets are out of this world – the produce is bigger, it’s better, it’s tastier and it’s juicier than anywhere else. Everyday there is a farmers market in Los Angeles somewhere but be warned, you can get carried away spending far more money than you intended. On the plus side you’ll enjoy a diet filled with lots of lovely fresh fruit and veggies.

    You need to know somebody – Los Angeles is a pretty secret city unlike New York which has everything right there in the open. If you don’t have anyone on the inside and want to know what’s going on check out the radio stations, LA Magazine or The LA Weekly to point you in the right direction.

    The LA day starts early – unlike New York which never sleeps in Los Angeles you’ll find that you rise at around 6am (the perfect time to enjoy a run) and be tucked up in bed before 10 pm. This is a real morning city where people like to get up, out and about and enjoy a leisurely breakfast before getting started on a good days work and retiring exhausted well before midnight to recharge their batteries to start again the following morning.
    Make no mistake – the City of Angels is unlike any other place on earth.

  • BMW Chief Wishes Anger To Dissolve With Electric Car Issues

    Mitsubishi Motors to Enter a Pair of All-New MiEV Evolution II A

    Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) Chief Executive Officer Norbert Reithofer told his fellow Germans to set aside their infamous fear of the unknown and embrace electric-vehicle technology.

    ‘German angst’ is another concept the other world is familiar with,” Reithofer said today in Munich, although “Germany is admired and respected the world over because of its engineering expertise and powers of innovation. “We like to take part in long and fearful discussions because we Germans tend to see more problems than opportunities, and it is no different with electro-mobility.”

    BMW aims to get its first electric vehicle — the i3 city car, that can go on sale later this year — off to a good beginning even as interest in battery-powered cars has disappointed because of cost and concerns about their range. The car is key for BMW’s image because the world’s largest luxury-car maker seeks to maintain Volkswagen AG (VOW3)’s Daimler and Audi AG (DAI)’s Mercedes-Benz at bay.